XY: Ancient Origins - Theme Deck Display

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    Set: XY: Ancient Origins Sealed
    Release Date: 2015-08-12
    Fury of Waves, Song of Steel! Crush your opponents with iron or sink them in the depths—either way you wield the chilling might of the Iron Tide theme deck! With Metagross leading the way, this deck shines like steel from the start. Add in some big attacks like Forbidden Iron Hammer from Registeel and Hydro Splash from Vaporeon, and your opponent is awash in trouble, bubbles, and a steely doom! Then evolve Magikarp to Gyarados to truly thrash opposing Pokémon, and watch the tide of the battle turn in your favor!

    Strength of Spirit, Strength of Stone! This deck's got heart—the kind of prizefighter's heart that never quits! With the Stone Heart theme deck, your Pokémon can poison, paralyze, and trick opposing Pokémon in many ways—and the mighty Regirock leads the way, with its Unyielding Rock attack perfect for taking down Pokémon-EX! Add in the Legendary Pokémon Virizion with the power to hit harder if you're behind, and the Stone Heart deck is full of fighting spirit. This is one contender that's never down for the count!

    This Display of XY: Ancient Origins - Theme Deck contains 8 Theme Decks in total!

    • 4 XY: Ancient Origins - Theme Deck (Iron Tide)
    • 4 XY: Ancient Origins - Theme Deck (Stone Heart)

    Each XY: Ancient Origins - Theme Deck contains:
    • 60 Pokémon card deck
    • 1 Metallic coin
    • 1 Checklist
    • 2 Player Playmat / Rulesheet
    • Damage counters
    • 1 Online code card!
    • 1 Deck box

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