Throne of Eldraine - Bundle

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    Set: Throne of Eldraine Sealed
    Release Date: 2019-10-04
    Write Your Epic Tale

    To become a knight of the realm on the plane of Eldraine, you must undertake a heroic quest to prove your merit and valor. But tread carefully: even the High King's authority does not extend to the chaotic fae of the Wilds. Maddening trickery and mortal danger alike await you in the forest... but so do incredible arcane secrets to claim as your own.

    Each Throne of Eldraine Bundle contains:

    • 1 Alternative-art premium foil "Piper of the Swarm" card
    • 10 Throne of Eldraine booster packs
    • 1 Throne of Eldraine card box
    • 20 premium foil basic lands
    • 20 regular basic lands
    • 1 Special oversized Spindown life counter

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