Terrain Crate Dungeon Adventures Secrets of the Wizard's Tower

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    As you enter this room you feel all the hair on your body stand on end – the air feels like it is almost alive with barely suppressed energy. Two magical arcane circles drawn in the floor glow scarlet, seeming to throb in time with the beating of your heart. Two mirrors stand on opposite sides of this room, their glass foggy and indistinct. In the centre of each circle is a bowl carved from obsidian.

    This Dungeon Adventures pack provides an adventure that you can plug into anyexisting fantasy campaign that your players are already engaged in.


    • Adventure book
    • 2-sided paper mat
    • Over 30 Scenery Pieces including:
      • Crates and barrels
      • Wizards study chairs, mirrors and shelves
      • Scrolls, candles and books
      • Astrolabe and scrying bowl
      • Owl

    - $30.00

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