Team Plasma Box Display

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    Set: Team Plasma Sealed
    Release Date: 2013-02-06
    Give Your Foes the Chills with the Pokémon TCG: Team Plasma Box!

    A new and terrible foe stalks the Pokémon TCG - the villainous Team Plasma! These merciless architects of a new ice age in the Unova region seek world domination and will stop at nothing to achieve their fiendish goal. Now you too can unleash their fearsome power with the Pokémon TCG: Team Plasma Box! This awesome collection includes 3 Pokémon TCG booster packs, 2 Team Plasma Pokémon full-art foil promo cards, a cool Team Plasma coin, and a special oversized full-art promo card featuring Team Plasma Darkrai. With the might of Team Plasma by your side, you could be unstoppable!

    This Display of Team Plasma Box contains 12 boxes in total!

    Each Team Plasma Box contains:

    • 3 Pokémon TCG: Black & White Series booster packs
    • 2 Special full-art promo cards featuring Team Plasma Giratina and Darkrai
    • 1 Oversize full-art promo card featuring Team Plasma Darkrai
    • 1 Cool Team Plasma coin

    (Each booster pack contains 10 randomly inserted game cards)

    Cards vary by pack. Booster packs and coin may vary by product.

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