Strixhaven: School of Mages - Collector Booster Pack

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    Set: Strixhaven: School of Mages Sealed
    Release Date: 2021-04-23
    Graduate with Honors

    Experience the finest education Strixhaven has to offer. Each Collector Booster contains 2 foil etched Mystical Archive cards (including an alternate-art Japanese variant), 6 alternate-frame cards, 11 traditional foils, a foil token, and a combination of 5 Rares or Mythics. With these fancy cards in your deck, everyone will know who's head of the class.

    Collector Boosters are the ultimate way to add unique and exclusive cards to your collection. Tons of foils, special card treatments, and more await you inside every pack. If you're looking for the coolest cards available, look no further.

    Each Strixhaven Collector Booster Pack contains:

    • 1x Foil Etched Mystical Archive Rary or Mythic Rare
    1x Foil Etched Mystical Archive Uncommon (1 Foil Etched Uncommon, Rare, or Mythic Rare is Japanese Alt-Art Variant Mystical Archive in Every Booster)
    1x Foil Mystical Archive, Borderless, or Extended-Art Rare or Mythic Rare (May be Japanese Alt-Art Variant Mystical Archive; Extended-Art Card may be Single or Double-Faced)
    1x Foil Mystical Archive Uncommon (Japanese Alt-Art Variant Mystical Archive in 50% of Collector Boosters)
    1x Extended-Art or Borderless Rare or Mythic Rare (May be Single or Doubled-Faced)
    1x Extended-Art Commander Rare or Mythic Rare
    1x Foil Lesson Card (Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Mythic Rare)
    1x Foil Single or Double-Faced Rare or Mythic Rare
    2x Foil Uncommons
    5x Foil Commons
    1x Foil Double-Sided Token

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