Planechase Anthology - Box

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    Set: Planechase Anthology Sealed
    Release Date: 2016-11-25
    Planechase Anthology showcases cards, both Planar and normal, from Planechase and Planechase 2012 Edition.


    • The 86 oversized Planar cards: (The 40 plane cards from Planechase, the 32 plane and 8 phenomenon cards from Planechase 2012, the 6 promotional plane cards: Celestine Reef, Horizon Boughs, Mirrored Depths, Stairs to Infinity, Tazeem, and Tember City)
    • Four slide deck boxes
    • Oversize slide deck box
    • 35 double-faced tokens
    • A special edition planar die
    • Four spindown life counters
    • A strategy insert

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