Kaldheim - Theme Booster (Red)

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    Set: Kaldheim Sealed
    Release Date: 2021-01-29
    Choose Your Color: RED

    Enhance your red deck with 35 cards from Kaldheim, including at least one Rare or Mythic card. Add 25 lands to start building a 60-card deck.

    Theme Boosters make a return with Kaldheim. These are great as an intro-level product or for more casual players looking to grab a bunch of cards that match a particular color or theme. There are six different Theme Boosters available: one for each color, and a multicolor Viking booster containing cards that really hit that Norse Viking feel. Just like Set Boosters, Theme Boosters may contain some of the same 20 special cards only available in a few places. Each booster contains 33–34 commons/uncommons and 1–2 rares/mythic rares. Theme Boosters can also contain uncommon showcase cards!

    • 35 red game cards

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