Fate Reforged - Prerelease Pack (Sultai)

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    Set: Fate Reforged Sealed
    Release Date: 2015-01-23
    Travel back in time to a war-torn Tarkir where five clans clash with the mighty dragons of the past. The choices made now will decide the fate of Tarkir.

    The Sultai clan deals in opulence and wealth—but make no mistake, for the Sultai are ruthless. Just like in Khans of Tarkir, the Sultai use death to their advantage by harnessing the delve mechanic to play their huge threats far earlier than they otherwise would.


    • 4 Fate Reforged Booster Packs
    • 1 Khans of Tarkir Booster Pack & 1 seeded booster pack
    • 1 special Spindown life counter
    • 1 Activity insert & 1 Clan information card

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