EX - Collector's Tin

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    Set: EX: Base Set Sealed
    Release Date: 2003-11-01
    This gift really packs a wallop!

    The EX Series Collector's Tin makes the perfect gift for any Pokémon-e Trading Card Game player or collector. It's attractive. It's durable. And best of all, this special metal collector's box is filled with all kinds of Pokémon stuff to battle with friends!

    This EX - Collector's Tin contains:
    • 3 Pokémon EX: Ruby & Sapphire Packs
    • 2 Pokémon EX: Sandstorm Packs
    • 1 Double sided poster (Ruby & Sapphire / Checklist)
    • 2 Holographic foil cards (Pikachu & Meowth)

    (Each booster pack has 9 randomly inserted game cards.)

    Cards vary by pack. Booster pack packaging varies by product.

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