Dragons of Tarkir - Bundle

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    Set: Dragons of Tarkir Sealed
    Release Date: 2015-03-27
    After Sarkhan Vol has done his duty in the past, the story now returns to the present of Tarkir. But it seems that changing the past has produced some unexpected results. Mighty Dragons now rule the skies and the five clans that comprise most of Tarkir's populace. Known characters have an altered fate; Zurgo is just a puny orc and Narset has not died at all, but became a planeswalker instead.

    Each Dragons of Tarkir Bundle Includes:

    • 9 Dragons of Tarkir Booster Packs
    • 1 Card Box
    • 1 Illustrated Player's Guide/Encyclopedia
    • 80 Basic Land Cards
    • 1 Magic How-to-play Guide
    • 1 Spindown Life Counter
    • 2 Deck boxes

    (Each Booster Pack contains 15 randomly inserted game cards.)

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