Dragon's Maze - Prerelease Pack (Azorius & Dimir)

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    Set: Dragon's Maze Sealed
    Release Date: 2013-05-03
    Ten Guilds, One destination!

    A massive puzzle spans the city-world of Ravnica, and all ten guilds race to be the first to crack the mystery. Rumors abound that whoever navigates the maze of clues could command world-shaking power. Will your guild take the prize?

    The Guild Prerelease pack at the Dragon's Maze Prerelease are going to be a bit different than those you used at the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash Prereleases.

    • 1 Return to Ravnica Guild Booster Pack
    • 4 Dragon's Maze Booster Packs
    • 1 Gatecrash Guild Booster Pack

    (Each booster pack has 15 randomly inserted game cards.)

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