Diamond & Pearl: Stormfront - Theme Deck (Dark Rampage)

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    Set: Diamond & Pearl: Stormfront Sealed
    Release Date: 2008-11-01
    The Sky Darkens... The Earth Trembles... The Storm Is Coming!

    A turbulent force is approaching, and it's on a collision course with everything you thought you knew about the Pokémon TCG! In Diamond & Pearl—Stormfront, you are met head-on by powerful Pokémon unrestrained and never holding anything back! In this frenzy, you'll find new Pokémon LV.X, Trainer cards that power up when played together, and the dramatic entrance of some of the most popular Pokémon ever! The time has come to enter the storm, and witness this awe-inspiring spectacle first hand!

    Prepare for some serious crushing power when you play with the Dark Rampage theme deck. Each time your opponent uses a Poké-Power, the Armor Pokémon Tyranitar's Darkness Drive Poké-Body lets you attach a Darkness Energy card to power up Tyranitar's Grind attack for an additional 20 damage! Then, go for a quick finish by bringing in Staraptor. Its Clutch attack will grab onto the Defending Pokémon, making it unable to avoid the next big hit! No matter how you play the Dark Rampage theme deck, you're putting on the hurt each turn and never letting up!

    Each Diamond & Pearl: Stormfront - Theme Deck (Dark Rampage) includes:
    • 60 Pokémon card deck
    • 1 Metallic Coin
    • 1 Checklist
    • 2 Player Playmat / Rulesheet
    • Damage Counters
    • 1 Online code card!
    • 1 Deck Box

    Coin may vary by product.

    Deck List:

    Pokémon (25)
    • 1 Tyranitar
    • 2 Pupitar
    • 4 Larvitar
    • 1 Staraptor
    • 2 Staravia
    • 4 Starly
    • 1 Skuntank
    • 4 Stunky
    • 4 Machop
    • 2 Bagon

    Trainer Card (11)
    • 2 Potion
    • 2 Energy Search
    • 2 Cynthia's Feelings
    • 2 Energy Switch
    • 2 Great Ball
    • 1 Luxury Ball

    Energy Card (24)
    • 13 Darkness Energy
    • 11 Fighting Energy

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