Black & White: Plasma Blast - Elite Trainer Box

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    Set: Black & White: Plasma Blast Sealed
    Release Date: 2013-08-14
    Unbroken, Unbowed, Undefeated—Unova Blasts Back!

    Challenges ring out, Pokémon duel, and the battle for Unova enters the next chapter in the Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Plasma Blast expansion! With Virizion-EX by your side, you must lead the counterattack against the failing forces of Team Plasma as they mount their last stand behind the twinned might of Team Plasma Dialga-EX and Palkia-EX! Victory is within your grasp, when suddenly you face your greatest test...the mighty and mysterious Genesect-EX takes the battlefield, supported by devastating ACE SPEC cards that give it additional attacks! Trainers, it's time to break the ice!

    This Black & White: Plasma Blast - Elite Trainer Box Contains:

    • 8 Black & White: Plasma Blast - booster packs
    • 40 Pokémon TCG Energy cards
    • 2 Acrylic condition markers
    • 6 Damage-counter dice
    • A competition-legal coin-flip die
    • A player's guide
    • 65 Plasma Blast card sleeves
    • 4 Dividers
    • A collector's box to hold everything

    (Each booster pack contains 10 randomly inserted game cards.)

    Cards vary by pack. Coin and packs may vary by product.

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