Weekly Update 5/26/24

by Todd Warren

Greetings Grognards!  We will be closed Memorial day! Monday May 27th, 2024 We look forward to another exciting week with you all. We have our new drink fridge set up and stocked. We have new flavors of meat sticks that so many of you have been enjoying so far!  We will be taking a 1 month break on Commander League! As we move into Modern Horizons 3 and prepare for that release! So stay tuned for more about our commander league.  Lorcana League Chapter 3 Split 3 Week 1 will be starting on Thursday. Objectives will be listed below.  Our 40K Narrative League will be moving into Week 4 and we will sending out the sign up for the Apocalypse game for the following week.  Lorcana League Chapter 3 Split 3 Week 1 Objectives:  Play on League Night Win a Match  Lose a Match Play a new Opponent Bring in someone new Teach someone how to play Have a card named Ursula in play Use Ursula to sing a song Have two cards with underwater art in play


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