Secret Lair: Drop Series - Special Guest (Jen Bartel - Foil Edition)

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    Set: Secret Lair Drop Series Sealed
    Release Date: 2021-09-23
    Jen Bartel is here, and she means business. She honed her skills on the mean streets of multiple major comic companies, and now she's come for Magic. When she karate-kicked the doors to Wizards HQ wide open, she immediately charged the artist pit. But it wasn't 'til she performed at least six different judo throws on several perplexed staff members that she told them what she wanted: her own Secret Lair Drop. They immediately acquiesced—partially out of fear, but mostly out of a deep respect for her ridiculous talent. She immediately put her award-winning skills to work. Several weeks later, a flaming arrow crashed through the window of their boss's office, immolating a carefully manicured fern. Art for the following cards was attached.    


    • 1x Borderless Archaeomancer Foil Edition
    • 1x Borderless Bloom Tender Foil Edition
    • 1x Borderless Mesa Enchantress Foil Edition
    • 1x Borderless Meteor Golem Foil Edition

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